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The Choices that Heal Us

March 15, 20127 Comments

This is part two to “Pain is guaranteed, but Healing is Optional“, I pray that you have read that post, if not, it’s sure to bless you as it deals primarily with setting our minds and hearts in a place to be healed, by refusing to re-filter the lies, and accusations through our minds, but rather feeding our minds the things that are true, noble and of good report.  If you haven’t read “Pain is guaranteed, but healing is optional”, I sincerely suggest that you do.

The choices to healing…

We have to forgive; we have to give up the pain before any apologies, and we have to pardon the “guilty” before justice is rendered.  We have to relinquish the hurt that screams and demands for our offenders punishment.  It can seem like we’re agreeing with our offenders, or not “valuing” ourselves enough to pursue their prosecution, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Ultimately, forgiveness is releasing the person from our charges, so that God can take up His, He’s the only Judge not us. Before Him we all must give account, no one will give account to us, and us to no one. (Mat 6:12,14)

We have to bless them; during our prayer times we have to choose to bless them.  To ask the best that God has for them and really mean it.  We should pray for them to have long life, wealth, joy, peace and love. Pray for their salvation; that they would know the Truth and fullness of God’s love in Jesus.   What I have found is that while I was blessing them, I was also blessing myself.  What do I mean, it used to be said “to hold a man down you have to stay down with him”, if we’re slinging curses, instead of blessings, those curses will hurt us too. Furthermore, the Apostle James said that we shouldn’t use our mouths to bless and curse, how can we justify retaining the thoughts in our minds. (Mat 5:44, James 3:10)

We have to walk in love; we have to resist the urge to build up the walls of defense, or pick up the carnal weapons of warfare!  Hurt wants to build up walls to defend, and bitterness wants to pick up weapons to protect and attack. We have to walk in love, not reviling those who revile us, returning good for evil.  Honestly, walking in love has been the reason my past attackers were able to get close enough to hurt like they have, but for every one that has used it against me, I have been blessed by God and others beyond numbering. To “walk in love” is not to kill off our reasoning or to walk ignorantly as “simpletons” the bibles warns against that, plus our love should grow in knowledge and discernment.  (Phil 1:9, Eph 5:2)

We have to remind ourselves…

That God see’s, knows and will reward all (including us) according to their works.  God will not be mocked whatever a man sows that he will reap.  We have to remind ourselves what Jesus suffered at the hands of sinners, His Passion, surpasses our pain.  He was the completely innocent, sin free, who humbled Himself to the point of a completely, excruciatingly painful and wrongful death for you and me. (Heb 12:1-3)

Here’s where I read Fox’s Book of Martyrs, and here’s where I get confronted with the reality that there are those who have had their flesh torn with metal and stone, and me I’m just dealing with words. This is where we can level the seemingly insurmountable hurt-field, and overcome!  Yes, pain is pain, equally real, but I find my perspective is better when I realize what I’m dealing with, mere words.   Additionally, reflect on the life of Paul and His sufferings in the flesh at the hands of his countrymen, and remember that all of the orignal eleven except John, died a martyr’s death.  You can also read Tortured for Christ, the story of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

We have to commit ourselves…

We have to commit ourselves to the One that judges righteously. When the dust has settled, who can give a righteous judgment in the midst of lies and “he said, she saids” who can fully exonerate you and punish the “evil doer”.  It’s great when the truth reigns, but more often people believe lies and are deceived.  We have to commit ourselves, just like Jesus did, to God the Father who alone judges righteously, and stop pleading our case to “man”. (1 Pet 2:23)

There’s so much more that can be said, and this is by far not the “end of all discussion” please chime in with a comment, they’re welcomed.  However, what I’ve listed here is not “theory” its real life choices that can be made to heal us, after the storm of pain and hurt has entered our lives.  Again, I have purposely not put in the Spirit’s role in our healing, because I wanted to focus on the active choices we must make to be healed.

Pain is guaranteed, but healing is a choice, my prayer is that we’d all choose healing and actually make the choices to get us there. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. I think about those martyrs quite a bit, and how we get so worked up over trivial things. Though I may not be asked to forfeit my physical body for faith at this time, I should be able to forfeit my rights in the way that Christ did. Of all people, He had a right to have pleasure and comfort and wealth and popularity (and vindication, as you state here), but He yielded it all for our sakes.

    This is such a beautiful teaching, and I love how you are spelling it out in the simplest terms, step by step. Thank you for doing this!

    • KlarionKall says:

      Praise the Lord and your welcome. This is truly a work that God has worked through me, I wish I could have read it in a book, but as you know I had to walk it out with much pain. However, God is faithful, and even though we “loose” battles, we have already won the war.

  2. S.A Smith says:

    I know that your posts, today and yesterday’s will certainly help some people. I pray that people, in this situation will choose to follow your steps you suggested. I too, have experienced a painful situation and I ignorantly replayed it over and over in my mind– and as you said, that did nothing for me! All it did was cause me to stay in anger longer and curse my attackers. But when I started praying for them, forgiving them, and reading God’s word; all that anger and pain left me. I found joy in peace and my heart felt so much better! Thanks for sharing. I love your post, your awesome!

  3. Yevette says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. During my own time of asking the Lord “why was this happening” I was lead to James 1:2-4.

  4. miracarroll says:

    Forgivness is where healing is at! Turns out that we forgive ourselves as we forgive others–that what “offends” us in others can always be traced back to some “offense” we hold against ourselves. There are so many beautiful words written about forgiveness. Here are a few from The Bible that may resonate for you:

    Psalm 141 (A psalm of King David)

    1 I call to you, LORD, therefore please hear my call and come quickly to me;
    2 Let my prayer rise up to you like the purest of incense and may the lifting up of my hands demonstrate my humble surrender.
    3 Set a guardian angel at the door of my mouth, LORD, that I may speak no evil.
    4 Teach me to do only good, rather than harm and to forgive those who are harmful.
    5 If a man or woman tries to hurt me, they offer me the opportunity to forgive, and I will not refuse them, for my prayer is that we all be delivered from our evils.

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest blog! Peace.

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