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Here We Go Again!

May 4, 20140 Comments

Hello Again! There are a lot of blogs I follow,and I want to congratulate the writers of those blogs for your continued effort and work you do for the Gospel of Christ.  With that out the way I say, “Hello again!” To all who follow my blog, who found the teachings and writings to be […]

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Breaking Through Spiritual Blocks to Writing: Part II

April 14, 20126 Comments

What is the one thing commong to all of the great men and women in the bible and in history? Its the same thing that stands as the source of power in the life of the believer! This one thing is not a new technique, or a step. This one thing can keep you clear to receive the grace you need, this one thing can fuel your writing, and can bust up unbelief.

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Breaking Through Spiritual Blocks to Writing

April 12, 201222 Comments

Most writers experience the block in the road more than the fork. That’s not God’s intent, but rather for you to be sufficient in all things even your writing!

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~Very Inspiring Blogger Award~

March 22, 20122 Comments

Thanks to Shannon at, for nominating me for the Award.  I’m not for sure how it all works but, here are the seven things about me: 1. I love reading books, most often you can find me reading a book on my kindle and then I’ll still have one in print that I’m reading. […]

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