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Tag: Old Testament

OT Blessing vs. NT Blessing

February 20, 20122 Comments

In both the Old and New Testaments of the bible, God speaks about blessing His people.  He speaks about giving them the best, and ensuring that they can do the best in any given situation.  From the OT to the NT, God’s desire to do good for His people didn’t change, however there is a […]

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Our Blessing In Jesus…

January 9, 20120 Comments

 We live in a very wordy world; however we’re not a country that has an oral tradition, we just speak more words with less meaning.  It’s sad, our speech is most often polluted if not convoluted, and we rarely trust the good that’s said to us.  This all pre-dictates to us like a filter, how […]

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Jesus Christ…2 Covenants…1 Son

December 9, 20110 Comments

Abraham and David were both given covenants in the Old Testament, have you ever wondered what happened to them.  Did God just get frustrated with the Old Testament, forget His promises and like Franklin D. Roosevelt offer a New Deal or rather a New Covenant?  Without further reading we all know God is not capricious.  […]

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