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Tag: Holy Spirit

Running the Race

May 28, 20128 Comments

Have you heard the saying, “life isn’t fair, but God is always faithful”? Its so true and that’s part of the problem, life is full of its obstacles, distractions and shall I say “crosses”.  Good things happen to people who don’t seemingly deserve it, while bad things happen to “good” people.  These hindrances, obstacles whatever […]

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Steve Jobs and a Challenge to the Christian Faith

May 14, 201222 Comments

How can a Zen Buddhist Tech Genius challenge the faith of a Christian?  Yes, Steve Jobs the legendary founder of Apple, who revolutionized the computer, music, and movie experience for billions of people.  The same Steve Jobs who was a strict vegetarian known for extreme diets, intense focus, uncanny passion and an extreme eye for […]

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I Know Why Jesus Was Silent…

April 4, 201217 Comments

He listened, and He heard His conspirators but He did not say a word, and all while not speaking, I think I know why Jesus was silent. What could have been said to dissuade the people who accused Him, when they came prepared to lie, and had already condemned Him

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Christianity that Works!

March 9, 20122 Comments

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” G.K Chesterton How is your Christianity working for you?  Yes, our Christianity should be working for us, or rather, it should have effectiveness to it!  A real actual, presence and force in our lives apart from what we say […]

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