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Freedom Through the Cross: Satan is Defeated!

June 19, 20122 Comments

Did the devil really make you do it?  We have come to the last lesson of the “Freedom through the Cross” series.  Our freedom from guilt, sin, the law, the world, and the flesh, has been guaranteed and ensured by our joint crucifixion with Christ.  However, even with all the freedom that victory over sin, […]

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Freedom Through the Cross: The Flesh is Defeated!

June 12, 20126 Comments

Do you find yourself contending to do right like the Apostle Paul?  “I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway” (Rom 7:19 NLT).  This probably paints the picture of so many; really wanting to serve God, but ending up doing […]

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The Cross:God can do the Impossible.MP3

June 4, 20120 Comments

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Freedom Through the Cross: Freedom from the System

June 4, 20126 Comments

We are still mining the depths of the riches of freedom found in the provision of Christ’s cross.  Freedom from guilt, sin and the law, the three that weigh us down, the three that produce shame in our lives, the three that keep us from running to God lose their ability to keep us in […]

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Freedom through the Cross: Freedom from the Law

May 27, 20124 Comments

The cross is the place where the old came to an end and where the new began.  The life which God means the Christian to live can be lived only from this beginning.  L.L Legters Do you know that you are freed from the law?  The Cross truly is our rally point for freedom in […]

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The Cross: Could there have been another way?

May 22, 20120 Comments

In the lesson “FTC:He became sin, who knew no sin”, the idea of could there have been another way besides the cross came to mind.   Could God have provided redemption for mankind, justice for Himself, and defeated Satan, some other way?  We know the Cross is the greatest display of love, but how necessary was […]

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Freedom through the Cross (FTC) He became Sin who Knew No Sin

May 18, 20128 Comments

“My sin… oh, the bliss of this glorious thought .My sin not in part but the whole.  Is nailed to His cross, and I bear it no more; Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul.” H.G. Spafford Do you want freedom?  God wants you to be free.  In the Psalms David rejoiced over […]

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Freedom through the Cross (FTC)- No More Guilt

May 16, 20120 Comments

“Even the majority of Christians have never heard that He who has freed them from the penalty of their sins is able to keep them free from the both the consciousness of guilt and the power of sin.” L.L Letgers On the surface the problem of guilt doesn’t seem like a problem at all.  In […]

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Freedom through the Cross

May 15, 20120 Comments

Is the cross just about God punishing Jesus so that we can receive forgiveness?  In our contemporary times the cross has been summarized to just one thing, forgiveness.  While forgiveness is important and needed, the cross of Christ is much more to believers than just forgiveness.  Have you considered how the cross deals with guilt, […]

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