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Tag: Disciple

All things are Possible with God

June 1, 20140 Comments

Do you believe all things are possible for you? Not for anyone else, but for you? Jesus spoke about this very thing, and guess what, He was not talking about a blind optimism, a vain self confidence, or a “believe in the universe and it will all workout attitude”. There is a reality of all […]

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Being the Church

July 22, 20128 Comments

You’ve probably seen a billboard announcing, “Stop visiting church and be the church!” If you haven’t you have surely heard the statement before in some form or fashion.  While I do not like cliche’s, this one is valid and says a lot in just a few words.  It makes me think about James 1:22, where […]

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The Church and the World

April 30, 201210 Comments

THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD walked far apart On the changing shores of time, The World was singing a giddy song, And the Church a hymn sublime. “Come, give me your hand,” said the merry World “And walk with me this way!” But the good Church hid her snowy hands And solemnly answered “Nay, I […]

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Paying Taxes…Bearing the Cost pt 2

October 5, 20110 Comments

Cost #2 Bearing the offense of the Cross  “And I, brethren, if I still preach circumcision, why do I still suffer persecution? Then the offense of the cross has ceased.”(Gal 5:11) The offense of the cross is threefold, it basically comes down to this, it’s what the cross means; it’s what the cross is; And it’s what […]

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Paying Taxes…Bearing the Cost pt 1

October 4, 20110 Comments

“I’M A TAX PAYING CITIZEN…” or  “I PAY MY TAXES TO LIVE HERE.”  I’m quite for sure that you have heard one or both of those statements a time or two in your life. In the United States it has been sarcastically said that there are two certainties in life, to pay taxes and die!  Unfortunately there is a measure of […]

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