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One Way…Jesus!

October 21, 20111 Comment

Jesus is the way...Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

During Jesus‘ life there were events that He initiated and things He said that have sent ripples throughout history as both theologian and the average “bible thumper” has pondered over them. Take for instance the whipping and lashing that he gave out at the temple! (John 2:15) Can you imagine that? Or how about Him telling His disciples that they would have to take and eat of His “flesh!”(John 6:54) Cannibalism? No! But a statement like that would get a lot of people running the opposite direction as it did then and as it would today.  Despite how those two examples have marked our minds and impression of Jesus, that’s not where the real controversy and offense of Him in our day lies.  Its found in the verse quoted above more so than those two examples. Its Jesus’ exclusivity, it’s the fact that Jesus proclaims Himself as THE SINGULAR, way, with no options or exemptions to God.

All roads might lead to Rome, but Jesus is the only “road” to God!

Jesus’ proclamation is that He is the only way to God, “no man can come to the father except through me!” (Also read 1 Tim 2:5).  Jesus could have easily said that He is “a” way to God, or He could have even said that He is “a” way to “a” god. With either rendition, no one would have stopped to notice, those words would have been lost in the midst of pages, with something else taking front stage. However, this proclamation exalts one God, and Jesus as the only way to that God.  There might be many ways to skin a cat, but to get to God you have to go through Jesus. Jesus’ proclamation debunks the plausibility of other “ways”.  Jesus’ proclamation exalts Him above all under heaven, as He said He should be (John 3:14).  Jesus’ proclamation is paramount in that it echoes throughout the ages, to all who came before Him and to all who would come after Him, that He is IT.  Most importantly, Jesus’ proclamation dismisses the idea of us dismissing Him!

Not my way, no options, just Jesus!

Our days are filled with everything centering around us, from advertisements that push “my way” pricing, and “have it your way”, or “goyou” ads, all that exalt the “I” in all of us. Putting us as the chief navigator, putting the power of choice in our hands as to which way and where! Unfortunately we’re filled with ourselves and essentially the problem with Jesus’ proclamation is not the statement it’s us. We are born wanting our way, and our way only, the impulse is innate, from the bottle to the ___________ you fill in the blank. Not only do we want our way, but we demand it, revolt and protest to get it.  We think within ourselves, that for surely there is a court of appeals, there is another way to do this, right? (Read John 10:9)  For heavens gates there is no other to appeal to, its Jesus, He’s the way. We make our appeal to Him now.

The veracity of Jesus’ Proclamation

What happens when we assert that anyway can get to God, first is that we denounce objective truth. The reality is that if Jesus had claimed to be “a” way to god, He could not claim to be the truth. Truth is exclusive, it is something, and once it defines itself, it is not everything else.  If we accept the notion that anyway can get to God then we are no longer dealing with truth, because truth is a defined reality, it’s not anything all at the same time!  For example if every way was paraded as the way, then the frog worshipers, the sand worshipers, the tree worshipers, and the non-worshipers could all consider themselves on the way, while contradicting each other in speech and action! How can each of those ways equally be the truth, when the truth is without contradiction.

Reconciled to His word! 

Jesus came from heaven to earth through a miraculous conception. God gave witness to who He was by speaking from Heaven on three accounts, saying that Jesus was and is the Son of God.  He came with miracles of healings and Jesus even raised the dead. Lastly, He was raised on the third day showing that He conquered death. Because Jesus is Lord, having all authority in heaven and earth, ultimately we will have to be reconciled to His words, not the other way around!

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