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God’s Word Never Expires!

July 5, 20140 Comments


It’s clearly shown in history, that God reveals Himself to men and women, and when He does, He usually has a “word” for them. This “word”, can come in a vision like with Abraham and Joseph, or it could come from a another person like with David’s anointing to become king.  No matter the way it comes, God’s word to His people never expires, it doesn’t come with an expiration date, but rather a date of fulfilment.

Expire vs. Fulfilment

What’s the difference between something expiring versus being fulfilled? If God’s word came with an expiration date, then after the specified time had passed, the word would not be of any use, or it would lose potency and by defualt we’d have to look for another word and ultimately His word would return to Him void having produced nothing. Guess what? God gaurantees that His word will never return to Him void!(Isa 55:11)

However, God’s word comes with a fulfilment date. It comes with a date of maturity attached to it, a date set for its forceful impact on your life. In it’s own timing the word God has given you will start to move; it will move in you, in your situation and circumstances in power! Be assured it will produce the exact results that God has intended.

Expecting Fulfilment

Because God’s word comes to us with a date of fulfilment, we can stay expectant! We can stand on that word, believing, not wavering in faith but trusting in God because of what He said, and on the basis that He doesn’t lie.  No matter how long it takes, no matter how things begin to look, we can continue to believe God’s word till we see every last bit of it fulfilled in our lives!

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