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Freedom through the Cross

May 15, 20120 Comments

Is the cross just about God punishing Jesus so that we can receive forgiveness?  In our contemporary times the cross has been summarized to just one thing, forgiveness.  While forgiveness is important and needed, the cross of Christ is much more to believers than just forgiveness.  Have you considered how the cross deals with guilt, sin, the Law, the World, the Flesh, and Satan? Ever wonder how you get the abundance of life Jesus mentioned?  Well the bible actually shows how the cross sufficiently deals with each of those items mentioned. The cross is the gateway to your freedom and new life in Christ and this coming blog series on the Cross is going to show you just that.

“The only way into the riches of the fullness of life is through our acceptance of our crucifixion with Him” L.L Legters

The cross stands in the middle of History, but not just there, as people called to bear our cross the cross should stand in the midst of our lives.  The cross can’t be pushed aside, but like many things it appears to be misunderstood, and striped down to superficial talking points.  All of the work Jesus did for us, and  our ability to live in His finished work for us, starts with the cross.  The cross can no longer stand to be cheaply surmised, our lives need the fullness of what the cross is for us.

“For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Cor 1:18

Freedom through the cross is the next blog series that will show what has effectively been done on behalf of believers.  Forgiveness, freedom from guilt, and a victorious life over Satan, the flesh and the world is yours through the cross.  The cross is the gateway to the fullness of life, but unfortunately many are still living as if the gate is locked; in bondage not experiencing the fullness of the new life.  This next blog series will show you the fullness of the cross; the gate has been unlocked and left wide open for you to experience the freedom that comes through the cross.

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