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Christianity that Works!

March 9, 20122 Comments

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” G.K Chesterton

How is your Christianity working for you?  Yes, our Christianity should be working for us, or rather, it should have effectiveness to it!  A real actual, presence and force in our lives apart from what we say about it.   I’ve wrote down a list, now what I’m going to say is not the “end of all discussion”, but it is the beginning.  This list can take your Christianity from the placid land of religion and lip service, to real life, and the actual effectiveness God has meant it to have.

1. Jesus has to be Lord of ALL

Jesus has to have all of our lives, not just the part of our life we consider our “religious” life, but our whole life, every aspect of it.  We have to leave the mentality of “I went to church, I pleased God, now I can do what I want.” For our Christianity to work, we can’t partner with disobedience; disobedience hinders the effective life of Christ in us.  We have to walk in allegiance to Jesus, letting His life live out of us, fully obeying Him. His life is the life of power in us!

2. Jesus the only Savior!

We can’t get it confused, our times studying our bibles, in prayer, or when we flee sinful acts do not save us.  This is where pride and self-righteousness,some of the devil’s greatest stumbling blocks, can come in.  We need continued dependence on Jesus; only His life, His Cross, and His resurrection; we have to stay dependent on Him, more so we have to learn to abide in Jesus. (John 15)

3. We need Love

We have to have love for God foremost, even above service for Him.  We also have to ward off the seeds of anger and bitterness that will keep us from loving others.  Love is a key part to this new life in Jesus working.   The other side to this is that we are recipients of a love that is compelling and transforming.  Everything God does for us is out of love; His love for us has a width, a depth, and a height, but it’s still unsearchable and we’ll never exhaust it, or be separated from it. We have to love, but we also have to receive God’s love.

4. Without faith we can’t please Him

Faith is a gift, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God ” it’s something given to us, not something we muster up ourselves.  Faith deals with the unseen, but the very real, remember its evidence of the unseen.   It’s also God’s navigational system for us through this life and its key to doing any great work for Him in this world.  Faith is not living on a hope and a prayer, it’s living like our Father Abraham, by believing every word of God.  Read Hebrews 11, and where fitting read the corresponding story in the Old Testament.  (Romans chapter 10, 1 Pet 1:5)

5. We have to believe

“Believe that He is…”, we have to get past our doubts about God and believe He is as Good as He says He is. Often times we still second guess God, waiting for Him to fail us, expecting Him to not show up, and with tongue in cheek we often read His promises to us, doubting the whole way. We have to believe, that He is a God who will not lie.  We have to believe God, and when we do, believing His word to us will come naturally.  (Rom 8:32, Heb 11:6)

6. We need the Holy Spirit

A Christianity without spirituality is powerless, and ineffective.  All that God intends on doing in us, is by the Spirit of God living in us.  The fruit that we need to bear is the Spirit’s fruit, the walk that triumphs over the flesh is the walk in the Spirit, and the death-blow that we can deal to the flesh is by the Spirit. The lesson of being spirit-led is of all importance, listening to the Spirit, and even praying in the Spirit. God gave us a spirit of power, love and of a sound mind, for effective living in this world.  (Rom 8, Gal 5, 1 Tim 1:7 )

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  1. Great post. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your right, this list can take us from placid religion to real life. This is food for thought, and it should be put into practice daily. Today’s Christian HAS to move from lip service to being effective! How will we be effective for the Kingdom on Earth if we’re placid, lukewarm, nannies!? Thank you for this post, its inspiring. Keep them coming!

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