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Reflections on Life

Blogging, the Internet and the Great Commission

April 20, 201228 Comments

The Great Commission, not only gave us authority in Jesus name to spread the Gospel to the world, but made us partners in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18). As a willing vessel, surrendered for His glory, the internet is another tool in the hands of a mighty God.

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This World Cries Out: A Reflection

April 6, 20124 Comments

These are good men and women who lived and died, not because they were evil, no because the evil in this world found no use for them! This world cries out for “good men”, but when we get them, we kill them! When we can’t kill them we persecute them!

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Work of Grace: A Reflection

March 31, 20129 Comments

We are all works of grace.  To this I am not ashamed, I know I can’t brag and say “its all me, look at how I changed myself!” “Look at how good I am all on my own!” No, I just quietly sing “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”  I love […]

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“Made men”: A Reflection

March 23, 20122 Comments

Before and after salvation, there is no difference, no one is a “self-made man”, we are all “Made men”. Our paths cross and intersect, most often revealing ourselves, and receiving encouragement, strength and even Truth from others!

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