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Archive for January, 2012

Separation of Church and…

January 26, 20120 Comments

The infamous words “Separation of Church and State” have been repeated, mistreated, and also misused.  It’s come to mean a “white-washing” of all public places from any mention of religion or anything suggesting God.  While these infamous words are not in the constitution, guess what, they’re not in the Bible either.  However, what the Bible is very clear […]

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Our Blessing In Jesus…

January 9, 20120 Comments

 We live in a very wordy world; however we’re not a country that has an oral tradition, we just speak more words with less meaning.  It’s sad, our speech is most often polluted if not convoluted, and we rarely trust the good that’s said to us.  This all pre-dictates to us like a filter, how […]

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